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Sean Martell ('00)
Sean Martell turned his Fine Arts foundation into a career as principal visual designer at Mozilla.

Sean Martell (’00) always knew he wanted to become a graphic designer and animator; he just had to figure out the best path to get there. After a brief stint in computer science, he decided to pursue Fine Arts at Mount Allison.

“I learned the fundamentals of fine arts and then applied it to the digital realm,” he says.

Today Martell is one of only three full-time designers in the 600-person staff at Mozilla, serving 450 million users worldwide in 82 different languages.

“It has really opened my eyes working for a global company, knowing that the style and font you choose has to translate well into different areas and languages around the world,” he says.
You can connect with Sean Martell and see when he is designing live by following him on Twitter at: @mart3ll