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Ali Rehman ('14)
Fourth-year commerce student Ali Rehman has been playing lacrosse for the Mounties since his first year.

“We struggled early in the season, but worked hard and came together as team, and eventually beat one of the top teams. We usually never even come close to those guys.”

Rehman decided to come to Mount Allison partly because his father, Naeem, attended the school and partly because he wanted to study business and learned the school had recently had a sizeable donation from businessman Ron Joyce in 2008 to establish the Ron Joyce Centre for Business Studies.

He has been playing lacrosse since he was 13 with lots of support from his father. His dad has not let a few thousand miles get in the way of continuing to support his son. “He comes all the way from Calgary to watch my games,” Rehman explains.

Rehman is not just a player on the team but is also the team representative. This position entails maintaining contact with the commissioner of the league and acting as team manager. This past semester he has assumed some of the coaching duties as well. Rehman has also been on the Commerce Society executive since his second year.

“I have learned a lot, especially about managing situations involving people. It was great experience to be on the team with such a good group of girls and guys.”