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Anne Comfort ('86, '87)
Anne Comfort is giving back to her alma mater in a unique way — she is the co-ordinator of the Meighen Centre for Learning Assistance and Research.

Each year the Centre assists about 100 students with learning disabilities, providing them with the resources and supports they need to achieve academic, social, and personal success. The Centre has gained a national reputation as a leader in providing academic assistance, training, and research in the area of learning disabilities.

Comfort, who went on to earn her Masters of Education after completing a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education at Mount Allison, taught adult education and secondary school in Manitoba, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut before returning to New Brunswick.

She was part of a province-wide team that recently developed and launched a website to assist faculty and staff at New Brunswick universities in supporting students with disabilities.

“The idea is for faculty and staff to be able to access information when they want to in a format that is easy for them to use,” she says. “We often get people who want to help, but they just don’t know how. This gives them a starting point.”

The site offers information on about a dozen different disabilities and provides not only the implications each disability has for student learning, but a list of potential accommodations that might be helpful.

There are also video interviews that feature several Mount Allison students and faculty.

“We wanted to put a face to the disability,” Comfort says. “And we wanted faculty to be inspired by other faculty.”