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Brynne Langford ('16)
Third-year international relations student Brynne Langford has been doing research since her second year at Mount Allison.

From Nanaimo, BC, Langford came to Mount Allison after attending high school in Wales, and did research her second-year, an independent study project that looked at the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. One outcome of this work is a paper co-written with her supervisor Politics professor, Mario Levesque and submitted for publication. She also was able to present her work at the Atlantic Provinces Canadian Political Science Conference this fall in St. John’s Newfoundland.

This summer she did further research, supported by a research grant from Mount Allison. “I was looking at the challenges that politicians with disabilities face using BC as a case study because we have 3 MLAs with visible disabilities,” says Langford. This work will become part of her honours research paper.

As well, Langford started a group on campus called Music Makes a Difference. They arrange musical activities with seniors at the Drew Nursing Home every Saturday afternoon. “We mostly sing, older songs that everyone knows. I had done something similar in Wales and I luckily had friends who were interested in doing it with me.” She is also part of MOSAIC, which promotes multiculturalism on campus, and works as a research assistant for Dr. Levesque.