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Emily van Diepen '15
Emily van Diepen has been named Mount Allison’s female athlete of the year for the past two years.

And for good reason. A two-sport athlete, she has excelled on the soccer field and in the hockey arena in all four of her years as a Mountie.

Van Diepen, who is pursuing a degree in biology with a minor in psychology, was the overall rookie of the year for hockey and soccer in her first year at Mount Allison. She has also been named a hockey all-star by Atlantic University Sport for the past three years.

Van Diepen spent this past summer working as a research assistant, caring for the sturgeon and zebra fish in biology professor Dr. Matt Litvak’s lab.

“I’m always busy, so learning to manage my time has been important,” she says. “I really benefitted from the small classes at Mount Allison. I am able to talk to my professors if I need help and they are willing to take time out of their busy schedule to help you. And the coaches really care about how we do in school. If you are struggling with something, they will find you a tutor.”

Van Diepen has played in the AUS hockey championship final with the Mounties two out of the past three years, coming within a whisker of the title in 2014. The 2014-15 regular hockey season runs from Oct. 17 to Feb. 4.