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Gillian Tetlow ('16)
Third-year biology and environmental science student Gillian Tetlow has already garnered several top awards in badminton.

From Port Williams, NS, she received the ACAA female Player of the Year Award, and was one of CCAA's Badminton Athletes of the Month last year.

This is impressive for an athlete who came to Mount Allison intending to play soccer, as well as for its academic reputation. “One of my friends said ‘let’s tryout for badminton’ and I thought, why not. It has worked out well,” Tetlow said.

Tetlow is still an avid soccer Mountie but says, although it was a bit of a challenge in her first year balancing her schoolwork and two sports, she has adjusted. “Playing sports actually helps me be more organized and focused on my schoolwork. Luckily there is only a small overlap between the two.”

When not playing sports and studying, Tetlow volunteers at the local hospital with Mounties in Motion and for the Right to Play group. She is also co-captain of the Mounties badminton team with Greg McGuire, which involves mentoring new players.

Although Tetlow excels at singles and doubles, she loves playing with a partner. “I like the quickness of doubles. You don’t have to think as much about where you are going to place your shot; you just react. You get to attack more. It is just more fun.”