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Neal Callaghan ('14, '16)
Biology master’s student Neal Callaghan gained valuable experience on a research trip to Portugal this past spring.

He says the trip helped him gain exposure to new techniques, many of which he will use over the next two year’s of his graduate degree, and also experience in planning time- and resource-efficient experiments.
Callaghan’s research is looking at how salmon regulate their metabolism during normal daily temperature changes and the biochemical pathways responsible for this regulation. He explains that although the most direct applications of this research are for aquaculture and conservation, there can also be parallels drawn to the health sector, such as diabetes, cancer, and metabolic syndrome.
“My supervisor, Dr. Tyson MacCormack, is big on us choosing our own research goals to suit our interests,” he says. “This gives me a lot of freedom, but also means I have to be organized and plan in advance.”
Callaghan will travel to the Atlantic Regional Comparative Physiology conference in St. Andrews, NB and will also attend the Aquatic Toxicity Workshop in Ottawa, where he will be presenting results from his thesis and another group publication.

During his undergrad at Mount Allison, he avidly participated in the Shinerama campaign. He was also a mentor in the Global Health subgroup of Leadership Mount Allison, a campus tour ambassador, and the vice-president of the Brazilian jiu-jitsu club. Callaghan served as VP Biochem of the MtA Chemistry and Biochemistry Society for the 2013-2014 academic year.