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Jill MacIntyre ('18)
Arts student Jill MacIntyre says the mix of science and liberal arts is one of the reasons she chose Mount Allison.

“I am pursuing a degree in the arts, but I have a strong interest in the sciences. Mount Allison provides many opportunities both in and outside of the classroom to learn more in the field.” she says. “The number of international opportunities Mount Allison offers was also attractive, as I believe travelling and experiencing other cultures provides an education that isn't always attainable in a classroom.”

And MacIntyre, a recipient of a Bell Family Achievement Award, one of the University’s top entrance scholarships, is working to get the most of her degree.

With plans to study international relations and economics, MacIntyre is involved in Free the Children, the Model UN, which travelled to Montreal in January to attend the McGill Model UN Conference, and Global Brigades. Global Brigades sees students and medical professionals travel to Honduras during reading week to offer services in medical, dental, public health, water, architecture, and micro-financing.

A graduate of Three Oaks Senior High in Summerside, PEI, MacIntyre was involved in both Free the Children and Relay for Life in high school. She also volunteered as a novel tester for the provincial department of education’s English department.

“This was one of my favourite commitments in high school,” she says. “Basically, myself and some other dedicated book worms would read books up for potential curriculum implementation and evaluate them on the basis of student interest.”

MacIntyre hopes to one day work in international development.