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Laura Gallivan '14
Honours philosophy grad Laura Gallivan is one of three recent female philosophy grads to pursue graduate studies in the field of Metaphysics & Epistemology.

Pursuing her Master’s in philosophy at Montreal’s Concordia University, Gallivan is a native New Brunswicker who began her studies in psychology at Mount Allison but soon moved to philosophy.

“I was hooked by the way I felt so engaged with the material, my professors, and my colleagues in philosophy classes,” she says. “After completing my degree in philosophy at Mount A I felt more equipped to understand and evaluate complicated arguments and ideas, and I feel much more adept at articulating my own ideas.”

The young philosopher also pursued several artistic interests while at Mount Allison. Gallivan volunteered as a member of Black Tie Productions for three years, a peer tutor, and as a participant in various artistic engagements within the university and as part of the Sackville community.

She is currently finishing an EP with her band Elephants Gerald, a four-piece jazz-pop ensemble, playing shows in the Maritimes, including several music festivals. Elephants Gerald includes several Allisonians — Gallivan, drummer Scott Cuzner (BMus’13) and keyboardist Ian Malcolm (BA English ’14).

Gallivan plans to continue her studies in philosophy, with sights set on a career in student support or counseling, something she credits Mount Allison and the philosophy department in particular with inspiring.

“You'll never find a more welcoming and widely accepting community. You will be challenged, and asked to push yourself, but the support and inspiration you will receive from your faculty and colleagues will make rising to the occasion possible.”