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Mirelle Naud ('18)
Hailing from Los Alamos, New Mexico, first-year student Mirelle Naud is the recipient of a Bell Scholarship.

Mount Allison’s most prestigious entrance award, the Bell Scholarship is valued at $48,000 over four years.

“Mount Allison ended up being my pick because it offered exactly what I was looking for in my undergraduate experience: a close-knit community, small class sizes, and challenging academics,” says Naud.

“The Maclean’s ranking caught my interest, of course, but what really spoke to me were the personal notes on my acceptance letters and the warm welcome I received when I visited the school.”

Naud, the daughter of an explosives chemist who has manufactured fireworks for such known shows as the Superbowl half-time show, the Olympics, and WWE, has continued this love of science, pursuing a degree in biology and English.

During her first semester at Mount Allison, Naud volunteered at with Let's Talk Science!, a community outreach program devoted to science education for youth, and  edited for the Underbridge Press, an independent student publishing press. She is also a member of the Swing dancing society and is currently learning French.

“I can attest to the true community feel of Mount A, I began learning French at biweekly lessons from a fellow Mountie last semester.”