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Rachelle Ann Tan ('15)
A member of Mount Allison's varsity badminton team, Rachelle Ann Tan excels both on and off the court.

Tan, who is from Vancouver, BC, is a member of Mount Allison’s varsity badminton team, which won its sixth straight Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association (ACCA) championship in 2014. Tan and partner Greg McGuire took home the mixed doubles title at the tournament.

Off the court, Tan’s specialty is words. The English major, Spanish minor works in the Writing Resource Centre helping other students polish up their papers; at the student newspaper, the Argosy, as a copy editor; and as a teaching assistant in Latin.

In 2014 she had the opportunity to present academic papers at two different conferences —one in English, the other in Spanish at the Atlantic Provinces Hispanists Association conference.

“There were only four students at the conference and the rest were professors and scholars,” she says. “It was the first time I attended a conference in Spanish and it was both exciting and a challenge. I had to present in Spanish, but the difficult part was trying to respond to the more theoretical questions posed by the other professors or scholars.”

Tan is originally from Davao City, Philippines. She began studying Spanish in 2010 in college before transferring to Mount A.

“One of the reasons I wanted to learn Spanish is that the language is strikingly similar to Filipino, and to me, learning Spanish is a way of valuing my cultural heritage,” she says.

Tan is planning to pursue a master’s degree in English after graduation.