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Stephen Bennett ('18)
Middleton, NS resident Stephen Bennett is combining his love of physics, and drumming at Mount Allison.

Bennett is the recipient of a Bell Scholarship, one of the University’s most prestigious entrance awards.

“Everyone at Mount Allison is here to help, and they do it like no other,” says Bennett. “The small town and personal feeling that students receive when they choose Mount Allison is second to no university and the possibilities are limitless at this school.”

Bennett is a drummer with the Mount Allison Jazz ensemble, playing at the Halifax Jazz Festival twice. He is also involved in Shinerama fundraiser, an award-winning campaign at Mount Allison in support of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

He served as student council president at Middleton Regional High School and volunteered with several school committees and programs including tutoring with the ELS program, and directing the percussion ensemble. Bennett also played in the Jazz ensemble and concert band.