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Arlen Dumas '99
Arlen Dumas was just 31 when he was elected chief of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation (Pukatawagan) in northern Manitoba, where he was raised and mentored by his grandparents.

He has come a long way from the bright and promising young man he was when he left the community to pursue education. Now 38, he has dramatically changed the face of his community in his nearly four terms and eight years as chief.

Dumas left Pukatawagan at 16 to attend boarding school in Ontario, on a band scholarship. He excelled there and had dreams of attending Harvard, when a high school teacher told him that Mount Allison was the Ivy League of Canadian schools. He says Mount Allison was instrumental in his life in many ways.

“Mount Allison was very accommodating and created opportunities to enhance what I wanted to do as an individual and things that were important to me as a First Nations person.”

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