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Chris Haley '16
Thanks to a Mount Allison independent summer research grant, Bachelor of Commerce and honours economics grad Chris Haley spent last summer doing a research project in an area that directly affects him.

Haley, who is from Halifax, NS, looked at the outmigration of young skilled workers from Atlantic Canada. This work was recognized at the annual meetings of the Atlantic Canada Economics Association, where Haley won the prize for top student presentation.

"I wanted to find a topic for my honours that I was passionate about and concerned an issue that is of critical importance to the Atlantic economy," he says.

Haley received a Mount Allison University independent summer research grant to carry out his work. He looked at factors that may influence graduates to leave Atlantic Canada, such as student debt, lack of jobs, or lower wages. He also evaluated policies and programs that have been used to retain these individuals and looked at the negative implications for the regional economy of having this well-educated workforce leave the region.

“Of course, the main determinant influencing graduates mobility decisions are the lack of labour market opportunities in Atlantic Canada. Graduates want to stay because of the quality of life, but the region has to create the jobs for them to remain here. And it is such a monumental problem to create jobs,” says Haley.

Haley’s decision to come to Mount Allison revolved around academics and basketball.  

“The Bachelor of Commerce with honours in economics is a great program. You look at the external factors influencing the economy in economics, at the inside makeup of a business in Commerce, and you have two perspectives that tie together.”

Haley also runs tutorials for first-year Microeconomics and Macroeconomics classes and tutors students.

“Basketball was a good fit, academically it was a good fit, and I have really enjoyed my experience here.”

Haley was accepted to a number of graduate schools and plans to take next year off before doing his masters in economics.