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Hannah Sholtz '19
In just her first semester at Mount Allison, Arts student and Bell Scholarship recipient Hannah Sholtz has already made an important impact on her future alma mater.

She was one of several students who assisted in the official opening ceremonies of Alumni Field at the 2015 Homecoming, and appeared on the cover of the Record alumni magazine.

"As the Campbell Hall intramural representative, I was able to participate in the inaugural half-time ceremony, it was a great experience," she says.

Sholtz, a graduate of Hamilton’s Westdale Secondary School says she chose Mount Allison, and Sackville, for a number of reasons.

"Mount Allison’s a small school, good community, with lots of opportunities to get involved. It has a really caring environment — people know your name and talk to you,” she says.  “There are also great academics, lots of opportunities to try out different subjects and learn new skills. And Sackville is very cool — homegrown, focus on community and environment."

In addition to her work for her residence, Sholtz is also a member of the Mount Allison jazz band, a volunteer with S.M.I.L.E. and an ultimate frisbee player. In her spare time, she can be found making collages from old National Geographic magazines purchased at Sackville’s Rags of Time bookstore.