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Kathleen Morrison '19
When choosing a university, Science student Kathleen Morrison said one theme about Mount Allison seemed to resonate — family.

"Prior to my decision to choose Mount Allison, I asked many Alumni of the University about their experience," she says. "These people ranged in ages, however their responses all captured the same essence of Mount A – family.  The notion of family at this university is definitely what brought me here."

A graduate of Halifax’s Citadel High, Morrison is the recipient of a Bell Scholarship, one of the top entrance awards at Mount Allison, recognizing exceptional academic and extracurricular achievements, and community involvement.

As a student-athlete, Morrison balances her time between academics and athletics.

"I was recruited to play basketball at Mount Allison University, and so far it has proved to be an amazing experience. This commitment is time consuming, yet very rewarding, as I am able to represent my school as a student and as an athlete."

Before coming to Mount Allison, Science student Kathleen Morrison participated in an experience of a lifetime with an organization called Coalition for Kids International.

"I was fortunate enough to travel to Poland for two weeks with Coalition for Kids. Through this organization, volunteers deliver terminally ill children their final wishes," she explains.

"This experience was incredible. These children were not touched by the gifts they were given, but the time that we spent playing with them. It is so incredible how people with so little can be filled with so much joy. This trip taught me so much about myself and really had a profound effect on my life."