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Marie Matheson '09
Computer science grad Marie Matheson, now a software engineer at Google, recently returned to campus as part of the Science Alumni Career panel where she said, "I wouldn’t be a software engineer today without Mount A".

Matheson works at Google’s New York City office as part of the corporate engineering team where she helps build applications to help employees work together more efficiently.

“I started my studies in math but, in part because of small class sizes and the ability to connect with my professors, I switched over to computer science (CS) mid-way through my degree. I don’t think that would have been as easy at another school.”

Matheson says she was pleased to come back to Mount Allison as part of the Science Alumni Career Day.

“It’s like coming home. I’ve been catching up with old professors and it’s great to connect with current students as well,” she says. “I hope this is helpful to them, and makes working in CS more approachable.”

Matheson also encourages individuals not working in computer science to learn a bit about the program.

“You can get a lot of an entry-level computer science course, even if it’s not what you’re planning to work in,” she says. “Learning the basics about how technology works is helpful in any field.”

Following Mount Allison, Matheson obtained her master’s from Queen’s University in 2011. She has worked with Google in their New York office since 2013.