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Niamh MacMaster '19
A past award winner at the Halifax Sci-Tech Expo, Niamh MacMaster says she chose Mount Allison for its unique opportunities.

A graduate of Charles P. Allen High School in Bedford, NS, the Science student is a recipient of the Bell Scholarship, one of Mount Allison's most prestigious entrance awards, valued at $48,000 over four years.

"Unlike larger universities, (Mount Allison) offered me a flexible way to explore my diverse interests," she says. "Also, my entire application process was incredible. From admissions staff to admin, everyone was very personable and helpful, and was genuinely interested in you as a person rather than a number."

In addition to her studies, MacMaster has also been involved in several student clubs and societies during her first year at Mount Allison, allowing her to carry on many interests and causes from high school, including medieval sports.

"I have competitively thrown javelin for four years and have been doing target archery for three," says MacMaster. "When I came to Mount Allison, I was able to continue with this odd, recurring theme of medieval sport and try fencing for the first time!"

MacMaster also plays in both the Mount Allison Symphonic and Pep Bands as a percussionist, served as her residence rep in the fall Get Out the Vote campaign, and volunteers with GetReal Mount Allison, a student group dedicated to eradicating homophobia, and the Women in Science Society

At CP Allen, MacMaster helped create and implement Orientation and Pride Awareness Day for three years through her volunteer work with the Charles P. Allen Gay-Straight Alliance. She also created Making Spaces 2014, a student-run service learning group dedicated to bridging gaps, creating opportunities, and encouraging self-expression in the artistic community. In 2014, MacMaster participated in the Model United Nations' Secondary School's Symposium in Montreal, working as a delegate of Iraq on the committee of The Commission for the Status of Women.