Taylor Crosby - image
Taylor Crosby '18
For environmental science student Taylor Crosby, getting the most out of her university experience has meant more than great classes. This past summer, for example, she carried out research in Environmental Science Professor Dr. Joshua Kurek’s lab.

“I think it is really important to understand how the environment has changed and how we have been responsible for the impact and how we can correlate different changes to different activities,” she says.

Taylor came to Mount Allison based on her experience at an Open House.

“I wanted to be somewhere where people are enthusiastic. They have a light in their eyes when they are talking about their school and their work,” she says.

Crosby now complements her course work with environment-related initiatives on campus, including her positions as head Eco Rep and President of the student group Eco Action.  

“In Eco Action, we started the Lettuce Eat Campaign last year. Using local vegetables, we made a soup and served a free meal to 70 people,” she says. “You can have a delicious meal using ingredients within 50 kilometers of where you live and enjoy it with all your friends. It was a really fun thing to do.”

Crosby also reviewed and recommended changes to the University’s environmental policies as part of a paid work experience. Her review also noted the progress Mount Allison is making in reducing its environmental impact — using less water and paper than it did five years ago and introducing initiatives like using recyclable garbage cans that will not end up as landfill once they are too old to be used any longer.