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Glenford Jameson '07
Just 10 years after graduation, Glenford Jameson (BA History ’07) has opened his own law firm where he specializes in food law, became president of two ecological teaching farms, and received a Precedent Setter Award recognizing Toronto lawyers who have shown excellence and leadership in their early years of practice.

“It was a real treat winning this award,” he says. “There are not many opportunities for lawyers to step back, be acknowledged, and appreciate the effect of their work. It was an opportunity for me to pause and think about my career so far.”
Presented by Precedent Magazine — a magazine that reports on Toronto's legal community — the award celebrates outstanding Toronto lawyers in their first 10 years of practice who are excelling in their careers and contributing to the legal community with their ideas, work, and achievements.
With his law degree from Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law, Jameson specializes in food law at his firm G.S Jameson & Company in Toronto. He credits his time at Mount Allison for helping pique his interest in this area. He started The Vintage Society with Josiah MacQuarrie (’04) and J. D. Ney (’04) while on campus, where they put on public wine tastings to help students learn about wine. He also served as a director at The Tantramarsh Club and worked as a server at The Olive Branch in Sackville.
“Mount Allison was a place where you could be experientially entrepreneurial. You could volunteer or choose to do virtually anything and see if it worked in a secluded and protected environment, without having to worry too much about success or failure,” he says. “Developing a comfort with that relationship between risk and innovation has been invaluable to me as a lawyer and business-owner.”
Mount Allison has been central to his life in many other ways. He met his fiancée Elizabeth Cavaliere (’07) and many of his closest friends at the University.

Jameson has created a podcast relating to his legal specialization called Welcome to the Food Court. You can find it at