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Justin Trueman '18
After spending a summer as a biology research assistant, science student Justin Trueman turned an interest in building research equipment into an experiential learning opportunity by creating his own course in the Mount Allison machine shop.

Growing up in nearby Amherst, NS, Justin often spent time in Sackville in the Waterfowl Park or at summer band camp. So when it came time to choose a university, Mount Allison was the natural choice. A trombone player, he spent his first semester in Music, but decided to switch into a Science degree in biology.

“I learned so much in my first semester in Music, but it just wasn’t for me,” he says.

In the summer following his second year, Trueman became a summer research assistant in Dr. Suzie Currie’s biology lab. It was through that research opportunity that he developed an interest in building research equipment in the machine shop, alongside machinist Bill Cameron.

“I got involved in the machine shop and just loved it,” he says. “I really enjoyed the engineering and creativity.”

Trueman turned that interest into an experiential learning credit by developing his own course in the machine shop. He outlined the project, the outcomes, and the methods of evaluation. He spends at least six hours a week in the shop.

He says what he enjoys most about this opportunity is the practical skillset he is developing.

“I will be designing and developing research equipment that I hope to be using in my honours research next year,” he says.

Outside of the classroom, Trueman is involved with Conduct Becoming as a studio musician, playing bass guitar. He also runs on the cross-country team, is an animal care volunteer for Dr. Currie’s lab, a peer tutor and note taker for The Meighen Centre, and is involved with Enactus Mount Allison as a co-project manager.

Although he hasn’t decided what’s next after Mount Allison, he believes he will continue to use the skills he is learning in this experiential learning course in further studies or in his career.