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Moira Peters, a physics and philosophy graduate, says her Mount Allison education has been integral in her career as a sommelier.

Moira has lived in New York, Montreal, and Paris, but it was in her home province of Nova Scotia where she truly discovered her passion — wine. While living in Halifax, Peters was impressed by the qualities and uniqueness of local wine.

With her background in wine education in New York, she decided to run through a class with her friends and they were surprised at how much they learned in just one session.

And that’s how Unwined was born. A wine education and tasting party service, Moira’s goal is to bring wine back down to earth. “I want to show people that wine is not necessarily about hobnobbing or being an aficionado or having a lot of money, but rather something anyone can do – expanding and deepening our capacities to taste, to experience, to enjoy.”

Certified by the Sommelier Society of America, and the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers-Atlantic Chapter, Moira has written for The Chronicle Herald and Local Xpress, and has recently co-written a book, A Wine Lover’s Guide to Atlantic Canada.

As for her Mount Allison education, she says, “I definitely used philosophy in establishing Unwined in terms of the ethical questions around business and how to conceptualize how you work locally based on a global understanding of how that impacts other people and ecosystems,” says Peters. “My physics education has been really practical and I feel much more confident approaching concepts that are science, and specifically physics, related.”

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