Once you've received your offer of admission to Mount Allison, you can apply for entrance bursaries.

Here are a few frequently asked questions to help you apply.

What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

Scholarships are merit based, recognizing academic and extracurricular achievements, and may have financial need component, while bursaries offer assistance to students who demonstrate financial need.

How do I know if I would qualify for an entrance bursary?

The evaluation of financial need is based on the information provided on your application. The questions asked will allow Mount Alison to learn about your level of need. Please keep in mind that the application is crafted in such a way to get a good idea of your financial situation. In order for Mount Allison to release bursary funding, we must receive a copy of your student loan assessment/summary received from the province, confirming proof of student loans.

How do I apply for an entrance bursary?

To be considered for an entrance bursary, you must complete a separate application from your Connect account. Watch our YouTube video below for more information on how to apply.


How will I know if I'm getting a bursary?

If you have been pre-approved to receive a bursary, you will find it listed in your financial aid letter sent by the University in April. Recipients of an entrance bursary must be a recipient of a student loan in the academic year enrolled. It is required to provide a copy of your 'student loan assessment' to release your bursary funds to your Connect student account.

What is the value of the bursary I can expect?

Last year, the average value of entrance bursaries was $1,500.

What information should I have before starting a bursary application?

  • Parent(s)/guardian(s) income from previous tax year
  • List of financial resources to pay your first year of study
  • Expand on your student statement ― answer why you need financial assistance; disclose any extenuating circumstances (death, loss of employment, illness, change in family dynamics, or other)

When parents do not share the same household, what income do I use?

Use the income of the parent where you reside.

Are bursaries renewable?

No. Students must apply for bursaries and student loans each year.

How do I report my registered education savings plan (RESP)?

Use the total value that pertains to your account or portion that belongs to you.

What is the difference between a dependent and independent status?

You are considered a dependent (regardless of whether your parents/guardians provide financial support for university) when you have been out of high school less than 4 years, have never been married/common law, have no dependent(s).

You are considered an independent (mature student) when you have been out of high school more that 4 years, have had two periods of 12 consecutive months (each) when not a full-time student, are or were married/common law, have a dependent(s) living with you, have no parent or legal guardian (i.e. permanent ward).

Is it necessary to complete an application for a bursary to be eligible?

In order to be considered for an entrance bursary, a current application must be on file. Deadline: March 1.

Since bursaries are not renewable, next year you will have to re-apply in the fall term when classes begin. An award announcement is sent to your MtA e-mail address to remind you to apply.

What if I do not qualify for a bursary?

The means that the information provided from your application shows you do not demonstrate a high level of financial need.

You are encouraged to apply for external awards, secure employment during the summer months and/or academic year, talk to your parents/guardians about their parental contributions to your studies, and check in with your high school guidance counsellor for other financial resources. You can also use an award search engine to find external awards to reduce the cost of attendance, such as canlearn.ca.

Since your financial situation is reviewed annually, you may apply in future academic years while enrolled at Mount Allison.

What if I qualify for a bursary, but do not apply or successfully get approved for a student loan?

Since a bursary is pre-approved on the basis of demonstrated financial need, each student is required to secure a student loan from their province and/or the Canada Student Loan Program to meet the bursary criteria.

U.S. students qualify for entrance bursaries when they secure a U.S. Direct subsidized student loan. Mount Allison participates in the US Direct Loan program and has a certifying official for U.S. VA benefits.