You will find plenty of opportunities for employment at Mount Allison. More than 700 students work at the University both during the academic year and through the summer months.

Mount Allison student ambassador giving a campus tour.Many academic and administrative departments hire students both throughout the academic year, and the summer. This is a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience while keeping academics a top priority. Build your skills as well as your resumé with jobs like:

  • Lab/research assistant
  • Office intern
  • Dining services
  • Teaching assistant
  • Note taker
  • Environmental auditor
  • Residence assistant
  • Student ambassador
  • Library
  • Computing services technician
  • Bar services
  • Athletic Centre/fitness centre
  • Academic mentor

For more great opportunities in research, internships, and community partnerships, see experiential learning.

Dean of Arts Intern in the office of Dean of Arts Elizabeth Wells.Here are few examples of unique student employment:

Many of these positions are listed internally for students, and through our career services office.