What are the different room types?

  • Single – Single furniture set up for one person
  • Single Ensuite – Single furniture set up for one person but with an attached shared washroom
  • Double – Double furniture set up and two persons in the room
  • Double Ensuite – Double furniture set up for two people but with an attached shared washroom
  • Triple Ensuite – Furniture set up for three students and with a private washroom attached

Are there kitchen facilities in residence?
Yes, each house has at least one kitchenette with a fridge and stove and/or floor kitchens with a fridge and a microwave for making the occasional meal or snack. Dishes are not supplied by the University.

What appliances am I allowed to bring for my room?
Mini-fridges are in every residence room so you don’t have to bring one. You can also bring other small appliances, such as a kettle, however each house has kitchen amenities that you can use. Appliances with a hot or open element are not permitted (toaster ovens, toasters, hot plate, etc.)

Are extension cords permitted?
No, for safety reasons extension cords are not permitted. We recommend that you bring a CSA-rated power bar with you — there are some that have longer cords on the ends that are well suited to residence rooms.

What furnishings are provided in the rooms?
Each room comes furnished with a single bed and mattress, a wardrobe or closet, bureau, desk, mini-fridge, chair, and wastebasket. You may prefer to bring your own lamps from home for extra lighting. Please keep in mind that halogen lamps are not permitted in residence. You should also remember to bring hangers with you.
Is linen provided?
A mattress cover is provided, but students must supply their own sheets, pillows, and blankets.

Are window coverings provided?
Yes, each room has drapes or blinds.

Am I allowed to bring my own room furnishings?

We do not permit students to remove furniture from their rooms due to a lack of storage space. There are many smaller items that you can bring from home to personalize your room and make it your own.

Is there storage in residence for my personal items?
Each residence has a storage room where you can put extra boxes, suitcases, etc. during the academic year. The university endeavors to provide storage space for students, but cannot always guarantee that it will be available. Students returning to residence are permitted to store four boxes over the summer if they are properly labeled. There is no access to this storage room from May to August. It re-opens in September.
Can I bring or send items to my room early?
You will receive your Mount Allison mailing address in your information package over the summer. You can ship or mail some packages one week before your move in date. Due to a lack of storage space, we cannot accept any packages or belongings prior to that date.

Can I have a pet in residence?
No. Pets are not permitted in Mount Allison residences.
Can I use nails in the walls in my room to hang things?
You are permitted to use up to six thumbtacks to hang items in your room. You can also use 3M temporary hooks. Non-adhesive putty, such as blue 'Fun-Tak' and tape are not permitted in residence.

Are there laundry facilities on campus?
Yes, all residences have laundry facilities with washers and dryers that are available to everyone living in the house. Use of the laundry facilities is covered in your residence fees. The University does not supply irons and ironing boards.

Are there snack machines?
Yes, in the common areas of the larger residences there are snack and soft drink machines available for your use.

What are the bathrooms like in residence?
We have a couple of different styles of washrooms. Some residences have shower rooms that are separate from the washrooms while others do not. Some residences have small private washrooms like you would have at home that are shared by the people on the floor. The majority of washrooms are same sex, with the exception of the ground floor of Edwards and some floors in Harper. Bathrooms are generally shared between six to 10 people.

Will I have my own mailbox?
Yes, there is a student mailroom located in the Wallace McCain Student Centre. Your mailing address will be: 

Your name 
Mount Allison University 
62A York Street 
Your Unit # 
Sackville, NB E4L 1H3

Should I bring a telephone and computer?
Residences have a communication package for students — internet, cable, and local phone service is active in each student room. You just have to bring the proper hardware and plug it in.

What housekeeping services are offered in residence?
Custodians will clean the common areas of your residence on a regular basis. You are responsible for your own room.
Can I burn candles in residence?

No. For safety reasons, candles and sparklers are not permitted in residence.

How do I check into my room when I arrive in September?
When you arrive on move-in day, your don or residence assistant will check you into your room. Details about move-in day will be sent to you via e-mail prior to your arrival.

Do I need insurance on my belongings?
Yes, students are strongly urged to get insurance on their personal belongings. The University is not responsible for any damage to your belongings that may occur.

Are the residences open during the December holiday?

No, they are not. They are open long weekends and all other holidays throughout the academic year.