When should I meet with an academic advisor?
We suggest that you take the initiative to meet with an advisor at least once a year, and to seek advising when it is needed - whether you are struggling academically or not. Contact an academic advisor any time you have questions or concerns about academic matters. Some issues are easily resolved via e-mail while others may require a discussion in person. Remember, advisors will be very busy during peak (registration) periods so plan ahead and book an appointment early! 

Students starting studies in September 2019 or January 2020 should book an appointment with Sarah Cormier, first year academic advisor

Current and returning students, should book an appointment with Stephanie Richard, advisor for returning students.

Students with a declared major/ minor are strongly advised to consult with a program advisor  prior to seeing an academic advisor.   

Appointments are held in the Registrar's Office, 2nd floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre.  
  •   Appointments for new incoming students, or students in year one are held in Room 235
  •   Appointments for returning students in second year to graduation are held in Room 234