Degree audit forms can be used by students in any year of study to track their progress towards meeting degree and program requirements, and to show the courses that they will need to take in the future. Only graduating students must submit a degree audit form to the registrar’s office. Remember, it is the student’s responsibility to make sure requirements have been met to graduate.

Degree audit forms
Please select the academic calendar year you are following to complete your degree:


Please ensure that you select the appropriate form for your degree program as listed in the academic calendar you are following for your program of study. Degree audit forms are listed according to academic calendar year, by degree program, and major.

Please ensure that you complete all sections of the degree audit form and include courses in which you are currently registered that will complete your degree requirements:

  • 120 credits
  • 3/4000 level credits as required for program (BA = 36 credits; BComm = 42 credits; BSc = 30 credits from 3/4000 level Science courses)
  • Distribution requirements applicable to your degree program
  • Courses completed for your major, minor, honours programs
  • BA and BSc students are not required to list elective courses (courses not included in the major(s), minor(s), honours or distribution)

For graduating students:

Degree audit forms will be verified against transcripts to ensure that degree requirements will be fulfilled based on courses completed and current course registration. Students applying for graduation must be registered in all of the courses that are required for degree completion when submitting the degree audit form.

The degree audit form will require a signature of approval of the appropriate program advisor ONLY under the following circumstances:

  • Majors/honours which require complementary courses chosen in consultation with the program advisor 
  • Any variances in the prescribed program as listed in the academic calendar under which you are completing your degree requirements, that have been approved. A record of approved variances should have been e-mailed by the appropriate academic department head or dean to the registrar or academic advisor

If you do not know who the program advisor is for your major/minor/honours, please refer to the list of program advisors


Degree audit forms must be completed and returned to the registrar’s office by:

  • first week of September for students applying for October graduation 
  • Oct. 30 for students applying for May graduation

Students not currently registered on campus may send the completed form by fax to (506)364-2272 or by mail to: 

Registrar’s Office
Mount Allison University
62 York St
Sackville NB E4L 1E2 

If you have any questions concerning completion of degree audit forms, please contact the academic advisor at or at 506-364-3200.