Distribution requirements

In keeping with Mount Allison's philosophy of liberal education, distribution requirements encourage academic breadth and depth by requiring students to take courses from outside their academic discipline. Distribution requirements promote intellectual alertness and flexibility. They can also provide an introduction to subjects you may not have encountered otherwise.

Students with continuous enrolment at the University may elect to graduate under any ONE calendar in force during their registration (subject to the availability of courses). Students returning after an interval of a year or more will be readmitted under the calendar in force when they return.
Distribution requirements are described in academic calendar regulations 11.2.2 (BSc), 11.3.2 (BA), and 11.5.3 (BCM). Please be sure to consult the appropriate calendar. Please follow the links below for further explanation and answers to frequently asked questions. 
Distribution requirements for students following the 2017-18 and later Calendars
Distribution requirements for students following the 2016-17 and earlier Calendars