Honours programs represent the most specialized degree, and they have traditionally provided the preparation most appropriate for post-graduate work in that field.

Students applying for an honours program must declare their intention in year three, by December by completing the declaration to pursue honours form.

The application will be forwarded to the appropriate department for signed approval of the department head. You will be notified of the status of your application to pursue honours sometime after final grades for the current academic year have been received pending receipt of departmental approval.

Students considering an honours program are advised to consult with the appropriate department head and/or program advisor about course selection, thesis supervision, and application processes. Some departments maintain an internal application process which students should also complete.

Please note that at time of application, to be considered for honours, students should have achieved the following:

  • a minimum cumulative grade point average of approximately 3.0 on all course work in the prescribed honours program (includes courses required for the major program as well as additional courses required to complete honours)
  • an overall cumulative grade point average of approximately 3.0 on all work, including repeated courses, undertaken beyond the first year at Mount Allison (excludes all courses taken in first year)

The requirements for honours extend beyond that of the major, and so the regulation requiring a minor is waived (except for students pursuing Commerce with honours.) Any student who completes a minor from another discipline or program, will have this minor recorded on their transcript. Where a minor is completed there is no limit on the number of credits which may be counted in common between the honours and minor.