Program evaluation is a web-based tool accessed through your Connect@MTA account.

You will find it under the ‘Academic Profile’ menu. It is designed to help students and advisors evaluate progress towards completion of degree requirements. Program evaluation is based on program requirements listed in the academic calendar. It defaults to the academic calendar under which you were admitted (or re-admitted following a period of hiatus from studies.)

Program evaluation is a tool for general program guidance only. There are limitations to this system and it may not accurately reflect your progress towards meeting degree requirements. Program evaluation is NOT an official degree audit and is not used in any official capacity by the University to verify degree compliance or confirm satisfactory completion of degree requirements. Questions or concerns about degree and program requirements can be directed to

Please report discrepancies in the information provided in the program evaluation to  

Program evaluation does not have the capacity to apply non-designated transfer credits in the evaluation of program requirements. Approved variances must be manually recorded by the academic advisor. Program evaluation cannot be used for specially approved majors/minors. Program evaluation cannot account for regulations concerning credits counted in common between major/minor or double major programs. You can use program evaluation to view: 

  • requirements for your degree and program(s) 
  • which major/minor/honours program you are enrolled in
  • which academic calendar you are recorded as following
  • how many credits you have earned and how many credits are remaining
  • courses you have taken and courses you are registered for
  • your cumulative grade point average
  • which program requirements you have met or are expected to meet based on your current course registration
  • which courses remain for you to take to complete requirements
  • approved variances in your program (for example, the replacement of one specified course with another)
  • how many courses you have completed toward a program you are interested in studying by using the “What if I changed my program of study?” function (evaluation reports for a program in which you are not registered)
  • how many courses you have completed toward your program of study following a different academic calendar (using the “What if I changed my program of study?” function)