Program advisors have particular expertise in their discipline and programs and each department/program has a designated faculty member available to advise students.  

Once decided on a major or minor, students should consult with the appropriate program advisor.  

Questions about the following topics can be directed to program advisors:  

  • Honours programs
  • Independent studies
  • Research opportunities
  • Graduate/professional studies 
  • Program curriculum and course content
  • Academic requirements and course options for honours/major/minor programs
  • Program planning and course selection advice
  • Complementary courses for major/honours programs which must be chosen in consultation with the program advisor

In some cases, the role of department head and program advisor may be filled by the same faculty member but this is not always the case. New first-year and transfer students are also welcome to contact program advisors. Program advisors are a great way to learn more about academic programs offered at Mount Allison. We recommend that you consult with program advisors as you consider your choice of major/minor. 

Program Advisors 2020-2021 (Effective July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021)


The department head must approve the following: