Mount Allison student walking on campusMount Allison’s bursary program was established to increase access to post-secondary education and to assist students with demonstrated financial need in completing their studies in a timely manner.

Bursaries are awarded based on demonstrated financial need and are intended to supplement, not replace:

  • a student’s own resources
  • the resources of the applicant’s immediate family
  • the calculated parental contribution as indicated by provincial and/or federal student loans

Financial need is established when a student has demonstrated that their expenses exceed their resources. Priority will be given to students who demonstrate an urgency to purchase food, books, or to pay rent.

Mount Allison campus2020-2021 Academic Year  

Mount Allison is offering two financial aid programs (via one application form) for the 2020-2021 academic year:

Students can apply for both financial aid programs using one application form, the "University General Financial Aid Application", found within your Connect account. Application deadline: November 1, 2020. Funds will be disbursed on a first come first serve basis as long as funds remain available.


  • All current MtA students registered in part-time or full-time studies
  • Students in financial need
  • Students who are seeking financial loans from a financial institution or government student loans

University General Bursary

The 2020-21 Current Student General Bursary application is available within your Connect account. The application is called 'University General Financial Aid Application'. Applications will be continued to be reviewed while funds remain available.

The university General Bursary program is now closed. However should you have emergency financial need, please continue to complete the financial aid application located in your connect account and immediately email for help.  


Disbursement of bursaries

  • Approved entrance bursaries will be automatically applied to the student’s account in two equal installments – September and January, once proof of student loans/educational loans are submitted to
  • Approved in-course bursaries will be automatically applied to the student’s account in the term(s) for which it is awarded.

If the award creates a credit on the student’s account, the student is responsible for contacting the registrar’s office at to request a cheque or the remaining credit will be applied toward the next academic term/year.

Mountie2Mountie Fund


All monies donated to this fund have been fully distributed to applicants. At this time, students will no longer be assessed for additional Mountie 2 Mountie funds. 


Mount Allison recognizes our students may have a greater need during the upcoming academic year due to the current pandemic. In response, the University has adjusted its planned fund raising by launching its Annual Giving Fund campaign earlier this year, and will focus on fund raising for financial aid for our students for September.

This additional fund will be used to support full and part-time students registered in any academic program with a demonstrated financial need due to COVID-19. Proof of a student loan will not be required.

All students can apply for both the Mountie2Mountie Fund and the University General Bursary via one application: University General Financial Aid Application found in your Connect account.


  • All awarded Mountie2Mountie funds will be applied in full to the student's financial account. Should this place the student's account in credit, the student may request the funds by completing the online request form found in the student's Connect account.

Please note:

  • Submission of applications does not guarantee a bursary. All applications are considered on an individual basis and are dependent on available funding.
  • Students should exhaust all avenues of available funding including parental contribution, summer employment savings, part-time employment, student lines of credit, investments, and government student loans, etc. prior to applying for a Mount Allison bursary.
  • Bursaries are not retroactive. Only expenses for the academic year in which the student is applying will be considered.
  • If the student has a spouse or partner who is also attending Mount Allison, each partner must submit a bursary application outlining their share of expenses and resources.
  • If the student has a spouse or partner who is not attending Mount Allison, the student must submit a bursary application outlining all resources and expenses for both themselves and their partner.
  • Disbursement of general bursaries: approved bursaries will be automatically applied to the student's account in two equal installments between the fall and winter terms. Should the bursary place the student account in credit, the student can request funds by submitting the online request form found in their Connect account.

Senior Citizen Bursary

Mount Allison also offers a senior citizen bursary for those 65 and older. Find out more in the senior citizen bursary FAQ, or apply through the senior citizen bursary online application.