Spring/Summer University General Bursary Application  

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and new financial assistance measures put in place by Mount Allison University for SDL courses as outlined on the health alerts webpage, eligibility criteria has been adapted for the Spring/Summer 2020 term to the following

  • Current domestic MtA students: eligible to apply. Must demonstrate financial need and provide proof of student loan or other form of educational financial support.
  • Current international students: not eligible to apply for Spring/Summer 2020 bursary. During the Spring/Summer 2020 term, International students have been provided a guaranteed discounted rate of over 50%/course and therefore are not eligible for this bursary program unless there is an emergency situation. ($877/course instead of regular $1,800)
  • Incoming first-year MtA students: not eligible for this program. A guaranteed $300 credit will be applied to your student account toward Fall Term fees, making the final course fee $577.

Application: Spring/Summer 2020 academic term university general bursary application 

Deadline:June 30, 2020.  Note: Application submissions will still be accepted after deadline. However, funding is not guaranteed and is limited based upon number of applicants and funds availabl

General Instructions:

Download applicable PDF and complete application, including attaching all supplemental items. Please return completed applications via email to financialaid@mta.ca. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications after this date will only be available for students experiencing extenuating/emergency circumstances. You will need to book an appointment with the Financial Aid & Awards Counsellor to discuss your financial emergency.


Please note:
  • Submission of this application does not guarantee a bursary. All applications are considered on an individual basis and are dependent on available funding.
  • Make a copy of your application for yourself in the event that your resources change.
  • All bursaries will be credited to your MtA student account and disbursed by Financial Services in one installment. In the event your account is paid in full and the bursary credit creates a refund, students may request a cheque by emailing regoffice@mta.ca when they confirm the credit is posted on their student account.

General Eligibility criteria:


NOTE: General Eligibility criteria has been modified for the Spring/Summer 2020 term. Some information below  will not apply to the Spring/Summer 2020 term. Please see modified information above.

  • Both Canadian and international students may apply
  • Both full-time and part-time students may apply. Students registered exclusively in correspondence courses are not eligible
  • Exchange students are not eligible
  • Students who are eligible for provincial and/or federal student loans are expected to apply for these loans in order to be considered for a bursary. A copy of the loan assessment must be attached to the bursary application
  • Students should exhaust all avenues of available funding including parental contribution, summer employment savings, part-time employment, student line of credit, investments, etc. prior to applying for a Mount Allison bursary
  • Bursaries are not retroactive. Only expenses for the academic year in which the student is applying will be considered
  • A detailed budget must be completed to determine need
  • A letter is required outlining the student’s financial situation and any other circumstances which may have an effect on determining financial need
  • If the student has a spouse or partner who is also attending Mount Allison, each partner must submit a bursary application outlining their share of the expenses and resources
  • If the student has a spouse or partner who is not attending Mount Allison, the student must submit a bursary application outlining all resources and expenses for both themselves and their partner

Disbursement of general bursaries

Approved bursaries will be automatically applied to the student’s account in the term(s) for which it is awarded. The student will receive an email with the details of the bursary if an award is made and if the award creates a credit on the student’s account, the student is responsible for contacting the registrar’s office at regoffice@mta.ca to request a cheque or the remaining credit will be applied toward the next academic term.