For many students, loans are a useful way to help cover the costs of post-secondary studies.

In Canada, federal, provincial, and territorial governments offer student loan programs. Private institutions such as banks, trust companies, and credit unions may offer student loan options as well.

It is important to fully review and understand the terms of your loan, whether through the government or a private institution, including repayment terms, before borrowing.

The internet has become the primary source of information on student loans. For Canadian students, the Government of Canada's CanLearn site is a useful resource. The financial aid and awards counsellor is also available to discuss your funding options at

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New Brunswick Multicultural Council - Career Pathway Loan Program

The loan is available to immigrants who are looking to have their Foreign Credentials recognized in Canada.  There are many newcomers who are under-employed or employed in a field that is not related to their career outside of Canada.

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