Everett PattersonEverett Patterson  

Everett Patterson already sees a future for himself in university life: his aim is to earn an interdisciplinary BSc honours in mathematics and physics with the long term goal of teaching and research.

“I think that I would really enjoy being a university professor, as I love to learn and share my knowledge,” says Patterson.

A graduate of École L'Odyssée in Moncton, NB, Patterson has earned Mount Allison’s Bell Achievement Award, one of the University’s top entrance awards. Awareness of Mount Allison came early — both of his paternal grandparents are alumni — but the real draw as an adult was the university’s liberal arts reputation.

“I have always admired the ideal Renaissance man, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, and have always been interested and passionate about many different topics. I recognized that Mount Allison's values and mine were along the same track, so I thought that it would be a good fit,” says Patterson.

Beyond academics, he also finds the social aspect of university really appealing, especially living in residence.

“Getting to meet so many positive, energetic people with all sorts of interests has been a really pleasant experience,” says Patterson.

He’s also become very involved in university life, as a varsity soccer player, as a participant in math contest preparations, and as a volunteer with the local chapter of Right to Play. This term he’s become a calculus teaching assistant, the eco-rep in his residence, and a member of  the Students’ Union’s academic affairs committee. He’s attended Mount Allison's Model United Nations and hopes to volunteer as a tutor at local high schools.

If there’s a downside for Patterson, it’s only in the challenge of how to fit it all in.

“I am slowly accepting the fact that one cannot do everything one would like to because there are too many awesome opportunities on campus and only 24 hours in a day,” he says.

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