Graeme Zinck Graeme Zinck

Graeme Zinck is enrolled in a Bachelor of Science with a double major in computer science and commerce. He says the fact that he’s able to pursue this combination is a major reason for choosing Mount Allison.

“I wanted to explore computers and commerce equally in my degree, and no other school would let me complete a double major in four years. Mount Allison’s build-your-own-degree mindset allows students the freedom to explore their interests fully. Because of that, I felt Mount Allison was the perfect choice for me,” says Zinck.

A graduate of Colonel Gray High School in Charlottetown, PEI, Zinck is a recipient of the Bell Scholarship, one of Mount Allison's most prestigious entrance awards.

At Mount Allison he is already the co-host of “Sleepy Saturdays,” a radio show every Saturday night at 9, and a member of the Elliott Chorale and Swing Dance society. He also plans and runs residence events as the external social chair of Edwards House, and volunteers with Rotaract (a young adult arm of the Rotary Club) in Sackville.

Zinck says he’s not only pleased with the flexible degrees offered by Mount Allison, but also the community.

“The most exciting part of university so far has been the incredible opportunity for growth, both academically and socially,” he says. “The strong, positive influence of the residence community has allowed me to grow as a person, opening my mind to new ideas and perspectives.”

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