Nicholas FernandezNicholas Fernandez

Nicholas Fernandez may be a hardworking biochemistry major and aspiring medical student by day, but he’s also a practicing musician by night. The freedom to pursue both passions is part of why Fernandez chose Mount Allison.

“The ability to take classes beyond your major was a draw. Being able to take music courses, among others, in addition to biochemistry was something important to me in picking a school,” he says.

Awarded Mount Allison’s Bell Achievement Award, one of the University’s top entrance awards, Fernandez graduated from Fountain Academy of the Sacred Heart in Halifax, NS. He says he was looking for a university that offered the same intimacy as his high school. 

“I came from a small, close-knit high school and I found that I really thrived in that environment, so it was a factor that I was looking for in universities. In particular, the small class sizes and contact with great professors even in first year,” says Fernandez.

On arrival, Fernandez also extended his high school passion for music by throwing himself into the scene at Mount A. Already he’s taking a course in chamber music, joined the Mount Allison Chamber Orchestra, and gotten involved with the Garnet and Gold musical.

“It’s a really great experience to be involved in a student-led production and just to be in a show with so many talented students,” says Fernandez. 

He’s also benefited from the mentorship of the Tesla String Quartet — the first Bell String Quartet-in-Residence at Mount Allison.

“These fantastic musicians are just so willing to share their experience and knowledge. It’s really such a unique experience and one that I didn’t expect either.”

So far Fernandez says his experience at Mount A has exceeded his expectations.

“A teacher and mentor once said to me that Sackville may be a small town but it doesn’t feel like one, and I couldn’t agree more. There is always so much going on and so much to get involved in,” he says.

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