Isaac DoucetteIsaac Doucette

Isaac Doucette took a roundabout route to Mount Allison — from Berwick, NS via Vancouver, BC and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Doucette, who was awarded a Bell Scholarship worth $12,000 per year for four years — Mount Allison's top award, is a graduate of Pearson College in Vancouver, one of 17 United World College (UWC) schools around the world. UWC Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina is another.

"You can do a third year (with UWC) after you graduate — volunteering in various capacities," Doucette says. "I was at UWC Mostar as an extracurriculars co-ordinator."

Although the Bosnian War ended more than 20 years ago, Doucette says the signs of war are still very visible.

"There are still bullet holes in the buildings and it is still a divided country, in a way, but a more subtly divided country," he says.

Doucette is part of Mount Allison's Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) program, the only PPE program in Canada east of Ontario, and one of only three in the country. He says some of what he loved best about Pearson College — the academic challenge and the diversity of opinions and cultures — is also what he likes about PPE.

"It is so rich in its diversity of opinions and in disciplines," he says.

Doucette has been busy at Mount Allison. He is on the Mount Allison Students' Union's Sustainability and Academic Affairs Committees; is writing for The Argosy, the independent student newspaper; and is a publishing intern, working with Canada Research Chair Dr. Lauren Beck on the academic journal she edits, Terrae Incognitae. He also was part of the cross-country and ultimate Frisbee club teams, plays intramural soccer and volleyball, and is a member of the Atlantic International Studies Organization (ATLIS), the PPE Society, and the Political Science and International Relations Society. 

But what he loves best so far is the people.

"I'll meet someone in an economics class and then see them later at Ultimate Frisbee," he says. "I can't walk from one end of campus to the other without seeing people I know — I have to factor in time to talk to people. And the profs are fantastic too. I'm hoping to maybe take on a TA position and do some research too. Why not take advantage of all the opportunities?"

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