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  • Permission request form 
    To request, through Connect@MTA, special permission from an academic dean or Registrar (or direct delegate) for issues such as, but not limited to, overloading, late withdrawal from a course, late registration in a course, etc.
  • Academic Standing Appeal Form (available during the appeal period)
    To appeal placement on academic suspension or dismissal.
  • Re-Admission Appeal Form (available during the appeal period)
    To be submitted by students whose appeal of their placement on academic suspension or dismissal was denied.


  • Letter of Permission Request
    To request a letter of permission to complete a course at another university for Mount Allison credit (excluding approved Mount Allison study abroad or exchange programs).
  • Re-Admission Application
    To apply for re-admission following a period of time away your studies at Mount Allison (if you have previously completed a Mount Allison degree, please submit the application for readmission following graduation).
  • Re-Admission Following Graduation
    Application to apply for readmission following graduation from Mount Allison to do one of the following: complete a second degree program, complete an honours certificate, upgrade previous coursework, complete additional coursework.
  • Graduate Studies Application
    To apply for admission to Mount Allison's graduate studies programs
  • GAP Student Reactivation Form
    To reactivate your admission and applicable scholarship after a gap year.
  • Challenge for Credit Application
  • Application for Re-Read
    To request a re-read of the final exam and/or written material not marked and returned to the class before the last day of the final exam.



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Student records

  • Change of address
    Use Connect@MTA to change your local or permanent address of record.
  • Legal Name Change Request
  • Preferred First Name Change Request
    Use Connect@MTA to request your preferred first name change. A preferred first name is a name by which you are normally addressed that is different from your legal first name. It is important to note that making a request to use a preferred first name at Mount Allison does not change a student’s legal name in the Mount Allison student record or records with government authorities. For more information please check our FAQ.
  • Confirmation of enrolment (through Connect@MTA)
    To request a letter confirming full-time or part-time enrolment for the current academic term/year. If you do not have Connect access, please use the confirmation of enrolment request form.  
  • Transcript Request (through Connect@MTA)
    Allows student to request an official or unofficial copy of their academic transcript. Transcripts can also be requested online through Connect@MTA. If you do not have Connect access, please print and complete a transcript request form (including your signature) and submit by fax, email/ scan to, standard mail or in person to the Registrar's Office, along with payment information.
  • Withdrawal form (through Connect@MTA)
    Use Connect@MTA to withdraw from the University, Residence, and/or Meal Plan. 

Other forms