Mount Allison University | Registrar's Office
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  • Permission request form 
    To request, through Connect@MTA, special permission from an academic dean or Registrar (or direct delegate) for issues such as, but not limited to, overloading, late withdrawal from a course, late registration in a course, etc.
  • Academic Standing Appeal Form (available during the appeal period)
    To appeal placement on academic suspension or dismissal.
  • Re-Admission Appeal Form (available during the appeal period)
    To be submitted by students whose appeal of their placement on academic suspension or dismissal was denied.
  • Scholarship renewal appeal form
    To be submitted by students who were not successful in renewing their Mount Allison scholarship and who have extenuating medical or other circumstances that may justify reconsideration.


  • Letter of Permission Request
    To request a letter of permission to complete a course at another university for Mount Allison credit (excluding approved Mount Allison study abroad or exchange programs).
  • Re-Admission Application
    To apply for re-admission following a period of time away your studies at Mount Allison (if you have previously completed a Mount Allison degree, please submit the application for readmission following graduation).
  • Re-Admission Following Graduation
    Application to apply for readmission following graduation from Mount Allison to do one of the following: complete a second degree program, complete an honours certificate, upgrade previous coursework, complete additional coursework.
  • Graduate Studies Application
    To apply for admission to Mount Allison's graduate studies programs
  • GAP Student Reactivation Form
    To reactivate your admission and applicable scholarship after a gap year.
  • Challenge for Credit Application
  • Application for Re-Read
    To request a re-read of the final exam and/or written material not marked and returned to the class before the last day of the final exam.



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Student records

  • Change of address
    Use Connect@MTA to change your local or permanent address of record.
  • Legal Name Change Request
  • Preferred First Name Change Request
    Use Connect@MTA to request your preferred first name change. A preferred first name is a name by which you are normally addressed that is different from your legal first name. It is important to note that making a request to use a preferred first name at Mount Allison does not change a student’s legal name in the Mount Allison student record or records with government authorities. For more information please check our FAQ.
  • Confirmation of enrolment (through Connect@MTA)
    To request a letter confirming full-time or part-time enrolment for the current academic term/year. If you do not have Connect access, please use the confirmation of enrolment request form.  
  • Transcript Request (through Connect@MTA)
    Allows student to request an official or unofficial copy of their academic transcript. Transcripts can also be requested online through Connect@MTA. If you do not have Connect access, please print and complete a transcript request form (including your signature) and submit by fax, email/ scan to, standard mail or in person to the Registrar's Office, along with payment information.
  • Withdrawal form (through Connect@MTA)
    Use Connect@MTA to withdraw from the University, Residence, and/or Meal Plan
  • Leave of Absence Application
    To be completed by international students requesting a leave of absence for immigration purposes.

Other forms

  • Release of Information Consent Form (Release of information consent PDF)
    Allows student to grant Mount Allison permission to release information concerning their record/file to specified persons. Please refer to Policy 7910 - Code of Business Conduct (Point 4- Confidentiality). The form may be submitted directly from the student's Mount Allison email account to Consent can be revoked by the student at any time in writing.