An exclusion is a statement within a course description. Students may not count for credit toward a degree any course which is listed as an exclusion for a course in which they are currently registered or which they have already passed.
For example, if you take MATH 1111 (Calculus I) you should not take MATH 1151 (Applied Calculus) because they are listed as exclusions. If you do take both, then you may only use credits from one of the courses towards your degree.

Exclusions are listed because some courses cover similar material. Students should not earn credit for taking two courses which are quite similar. However, the exclusion does not imply that the courses are interchangeable. Programs often require a specific course selection.

The exclusion means that the course you want to take has significant overlap with the course you have already taken (or are currently taking) and therefore you may not take both courses for credit towards your degree. If you do take both courses you will only be able to use credits from one of the courses taken, not both, towards your degree requirements.

Connect@MTA will not prevent you from enrolling in a course that is an exclusion with one you have already taken, or are currently taking. Also, your transcript will not indicate if an excluded course is completed. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the lists of excluded courses - organized below by faculty.
Students should seek academic advising in all cases by emailing

Course exclusions in arts programs

Course exclusions in science programs

Course exclusions in social science programs