A prerequisite course is one that must be successfully completed before you begin a second course. You may register for courses that have prerequisites in the Winter term provided that you are registered for the prerequisite course in the fall (or have successfully completed it in a previous term). A grade of C- or better must be obtained in order to use a course to fill a prerequisite.

Any student may register for a course without prerequisites. First year students, keep in mind that there may be additional Winter term courses available to you if you fill a prerequisite in the Fall. For example, if you register for SOCI 1001 in the Fall, you can also register for SOCI 1201 in the Winter.


Courses without prerequisites — Fall 2018


Courses without prerequisites — Winter 2019


Please note, the distribution requirement areas referred to on the lists are relevant to B.A. and B.Sc. students following the 2017-2018 or later calendars.

Any student who would like to take a French course must write a placement test prior to registration.