Permission of the department

Students should email the appropriate department head to request permission to register in a course for which they lack the prerequisites:


Many courses require knowledge of material covered in other courses to ensure that a student has the background necessary to complete the course successfully. A prerequisite states the requirement that must be completed or waived before registration in a course is permitted. This requirement may consist of one or both of the following:

  1. having a certain registration status (i.e. in a particular program or having a specified standing); or

  2. having earned credit for a course or combination of courses. Students must obtain a grade of at least C- in each course used to fulfill this requirement.


Note: A student who does not have the stated prerequisite must receive written permission from the appropriate Department Head or Program Director to waive the requirement.

       List of department heads and program co-ordinators


Dean's permission

The dean's permission request form should be filled out and submitted when a student seeks permission: 

  • for late registration
  • for late withdrawal
  • to overload
  • to take a correspondence course while on academic probation
  • to take a course or courses on a letter of permission from another institution while on academic probation
  • approval of application for a second undergraduate degree

You can access the dean's permission request form through Connect@MTA