If you are unable to register for a course because it is already full, most courses have a wait list option to which you can add your name.

Students may or may not be registered off the wait list prior to the last day for change in registration (fall and winter terms) so you should still register for a full course load. You can be active on any number of wait lists while you are registered in a full course load. You may wait list for a course that has a time conflict with another course for which you are already registered. However, you will not be allowed to register for courses that conflict.

If you are offered a seat in a course for which you are wait listed, you will receive an e-mail to your @mta.ca account from the registrar’s office granting a 48 hour period for you to register.
You will be able to add yourself to the course during this time frame and then, if necessary, drop a course so that your course load does not exceed 15 course credits (unless you are eligible and wish to overload). If you do not register for the wait listed course within the allotted time, you will be removed from the wait list for that course.

Seats may become available as other students make registration changes, or as Departments monitor demand. Don't be discouraged if you are wait listed for a course.
If space becomes available in a course students are offered a spot on a first come first served basis according to their place on the wait list. There is no way for students to view their position on the wait list.
It takes time to process a wait list. If you are not wait listed for a full course and you see there are open spaces you will not be able to register yourself in the course. You will have to put yourself on the wait list in order to be moved into the course, if space becomes available.
If you are are wait listed for a course when classes begin you should attend the first class and contact the course instructor to inquire about the likelihood of registration in the course.
If you have concerns about degree planning because of wait listed courses please contact the academic advisor or a program advisor