First-year courses for Bachelor of Arts:

BA PhotoThere are no required courses for first-year Arts students. First-year study offers you an opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects while completing the distribution requirements of the Bachelor of Arts degree program. Distribution requirements ensure breadth in your program, and can also offer you first contact with subject areas in which you may decide to complete a major or a minor.

You should consider enrolling in at least one course from each of the four distribution areas — Arts, Humanities, Natural Science, and Social World. You are strongly advised to focus on your distribution requirements in your first year, though distribution requirements may be spread across all four years of study.

First-year courses are often prerequisites for more advanced courses. Plan ahead and think about a possible major and minor area of study when selecting introductory level courses. Many students aren’t certain what they would like to choose for a major and minor. This is normal, and, in fact, it can even be a good thing!

You are encouraged to explore your options and discover what Mount A has to offer. You are not required to declare a major and minor until the end of your second year of studies or upon completion of 54 credits.