First-year courses for Bachelor of Fine Arts:

BFA PhotosIn each term, first-year Fine Arts students take three studio courses, one art history course, and one elective course from outside of Fine Arts and Art History.

The Fall term normally includes FINA 1101, 1901, 1921 (studio), and FINH 2101 (art history). The Winter term normally includes FINA 1111, 1911, 1931 (studio), and FINH 2111 (art history).

Students who are admitted to the BFA degree will be pre-registered in all studio and art history courses and will only have to register for non-Fine Arts electives.
**Note: FINA 1911 is not offered in Winter 2019 term and students should select an additional non-fine arts elective course to replace it.

Bachelor of Fine Arts students are not required to complete distribution credits or a major or minor program.