First-year courses for Bachelor of Music:

BMUS PhotoFirst-year Music students normally enrol in Music 1501, 1511, 1101, 1111, 1201, 1211, 1703 (a full year three-credit course), and nine credits of non-Music electives (distributed as six credits in one term, and three credits in the other.)

If your principle instrument is keyboard (piano or organ), you should also register for MUSC 1601: Collaborative Keyboard I. If your principle instrument is voice, you must register for MUSC 1521: Diction for Singers (if it is offered). MUSC 1601 or 1521 would replace three non-Music elective credits. Students are also required to register for one major large ensemble (Symphonic Band, Choral Society, Elliott Chorale, or Chamber Orchestra), worth one credit.

Students who are admitted to the Bachelor of Music degree will be pre-registered in all Music courses based on the recommendation of the Music department and will only have to register for non-Music electives chosen from any subject area. Registration in an ensemble will be completed for you once placement is finalized in September.

Bachelor of Music students are not required to complete distribution credits or a major or minor program. Note that registration in Music 1101 is based on the Music entrance assessment, normally taken during the audition period in March/April or in early September. 

Students who have applied for admission to the Bachelor of Music degree will be notified in April of their admission status.  In the meantime, students who wish to register before May should register in courses appropriate for the BA degree to which they have already been accepted, in case they are not admitted to the Music degree at this time.