Aerial photo of the Mount Allison University campus in Sackville Choosing to study in Canada at Mount Allison University offers a host of benefits.

Mount Allison and the Town of Sackville are a safe, welcoming, and inclusive home away from home for students who converge here from all over the world.

Our small class sizes, close-knit engaging community, and the opportunity to get involved in extracurriculars that let you pursue your passions outside the classroom are just a few of the benefits you will discover.

There are three main advantages as an American student:

1) Quality

At Mount Allison, you can find a top-quality liberal arts and science education that rivals the American institutions of Bowdoin, Bates, and Colby. Mount Allison University has been ranked the #1 undergraduate university in Canada by the country’s top news magazine, Maclean’s, more times than any other university – we have been ranked #1 for 21 of the past 29 years. The University offers degrees in Arts, Science, Commerce, Fine Arts, and Music with over 45 programs to form majors and minors.
Map to Mount Allison in New Brunswick Canada

2) Proximity

You can be an international student in Canada, just hours from home. Mount Allison is located in the ideal university town, Sackville, NB, approximately a three-hour drive from the border. An international airport is located just 25 minutes away in Moncton, NB and a bus departs daily just steps from campus. 

3) Affordability

You can receive a quality education for a fraction of the cost of studying in the U.S. With a combination of public funding for Canadian universities and the current exchange rate, your dollar will go a lot further at Mount Allison. For more information see international tuition and financial aid.

American students are also eligible for the same scholarships as Canadian students, allowing you to supplement the cost of your education.

Scholarship deadline: MARCH 1.

Also, if you are an American student with Canadian or dual-citizenship, you will be charged domestic fees.

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Find out the steps to apply online. If you have any further questions about how you can become an international student at Mount Allison, e-mail or call 506-364-2669.