After graduation, what's next for you?  

Are you a student going into third or fourth year and starting to think about potential career paths? Are you feeling stressed out and in need of some guidance from someone who has been exactly where you are?

Apply Now!  

The Alumni Relations Office connects students with alumni working in the students' chosen field of interest. Once matched, each pair will be supported in developing a mentoring relationship in which the student has an invaluable opportunity to seek career guidance, tap into the knowledge of a professional, and begin building their own professional network. Your mentor can give you the inside scoop on what it's like to have their career, give advice on next steps, and help you with applications!

An alumni career mentor can help you explore an area of career interest and figure out your first steps along your career path. Students tell us that meeting with a mentor reduces anxiety about life after graduation and opens up new possibilities.

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Who can apply?

Any student going into their third or fourth/final year. You should be able to identify a career or area of interest you'd like to learn about.

How does the program work?

  • The program runs from mid-September to the end of March. It includes:
  • 90-minute orientation
  • One-hour monthly meeting with your mentor (in person or virtually) in Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, and Mar
  • E-mail check-ins to set learning goals and document your learning
  • Guided reflection (one live reflection session with other mentees and one written reflection submitted privately)

How are matches made?

Matches are made based on career interests and personal information you provide in your program application form.

Find out more

Email us at with any questions, or drop by our office in the Student Centre (room 203).