24 hours in a day and you will fill every second.

English Society recruiting students at the Clubs & Societies Fair.When you are just a ten-minute walk from anywhere you want to be, on or off campus, it makes it easy to say 'yes' to getting involved.

Getting involved in (or starting your own) club or society will help you gain important job-related skills like leadership, fund raising, and people management. You will dig deeper into your academic interests outside the classroom and meet lots of inspiring and like-minded people. And you will have lots of fun along the way.

There are over 150 student-run organizations and you will learn about them in your first week on campus. The Clubs and Societies Fair lets you explore what's available, sign up on the spot, or even take the first steps to starting your own club or society.

In addition to the groups listed above, Mount Allison also has an independent student newspaper, The Argosy, and a campus and community radio station, CHMA 106.9 FM.

For a detailed list of clubs and societies, see the Mount Allison Students' Union – Clubs & Societies.