In response to the legalization of cannabis in Canada, Mount Allison created a number of new resources and made updates to existing policies to reflect the change.

Ongoing initiatives and activities:

  • We established a working group that includes University staff, students, and representatives from the Town of Sackville around the issue of cannabis legalization.
  • We hired a harms reduction educator who works with students, the campus community, and other post-secondary institutions and provincial agencies.
  • The University’s existing harms reduction strategy and related programming with respect to responsible use of alcohol were expanded to included cannabis. Mount Allison approaches cannabis legalization through a harms reduction lens, as we do with consumption of alcohol and other substances on campus. Find out more about cannabis harms reduction.
  • We organize educational and awareness campaigns and programming around cannabis possession and consumption including posters, information sessions, Orientation programming, and other events. The Cannabis Working Group held an education session with legal counsel to better understand the legal implications.
  • The No-Smoking Policy, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Residence Life Code of Conduct have been revised to include the possession and use of cannabis for recreational purposes. The University continues to accommodate the use of medical cannabis.

Policy changes include:

No-Smoking Policy (Policy 2100)
The University’s No-Smoking Policy has been updated to include reference to cannabis. 

The Cannabis Control Act (New Brunswick-wide) states that it is prohibited to smoke cannabis in public. The smoking of cannabis will not be permitted anywhere on Mount Allison property. 

Residence Life Code of Conduct

  • Smoking of cannabis is not permitted in residence buildings or rooms. 
  • Individuals 19 years and older are permitted to possess up to 30 grams of legally distributed dried cannabis. 
  • Cannabis must be stored in an air-tight container,  appropriately-labeled to note the contents contains cannabis.  
  • Baking/cooking with cannabis and cannabis products is not permitted in residence.
  • Personal cultivation of cannabis plants will not be permitted in residence.

Student Code of Conduct
The Student Code of Conduct, applicable to all Mount Allison University students, has been updated to reflect cannabis legalization.